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Medical Cannabinoids for Pets

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Does your pet suffer from pain, inflammation, or mobility issues?

Does your pet experience anxiety or stress?

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Has your pet been diagnosed with cancer or other cellular disorders?

More than just CBD

Right:Ratio is more molecules: CBD + CBDA + THC* + CBG

Perhaps you’ve tried other pet products — most are just CBD or a random spectrum of molecules and potencies that accompany CBD without design or intention — and your pet’s needs have gone unmet even after a full bottle.

The solution: Right:Ratio’s small-batch formulae that deploy specific cannabinoids and terpenes in select ratios and potencies to give your pet the “Entourage Effect” of natural wellness resulting from these molecular/plant synergies. Because sometimes more IS more.

*THC (<0.3%)

For pets with multiple conditions, a Custom Right:Ratio formula might help. Contact our professionals today for more info about ordering a customized formula for your pet.

Featured Super Pets

A Success Story

Axel, George and Marcus

First there was Marcus, then George the adorable pug, then Axel his new companion. Each of these lovable pups has a unique condition each has found relief with their custom cannabinoid tincture, starting in February 2019. We love Rani’s story and her pack!

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