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Hi Charles, Odie is 15 now! He is hanging in Ok, although every day can be an adventure. His appetite has been mostly good. He still has “episodes” sometimes where he doesn’t eat for most of a day or sometimes more than a day. We try to stay on top of that and attempt to get some fluid into him with a syringe orally. He usually attacks us but we manage to do it. Thankfully it has not been often. He did have one day around 3 weeks ago where it was really bad and we had to take him into the vet for emergency service. He received fluids and B Vitamins and responded very well. We also did lab work at the time and the lab work was excellent. They could not determine what caused it. He saw Dr. Herter that day as Dr. Williams was not available for the emergency. Dr. Herter then prescribed him some B complex and amino acid combo in liquid form that we are giving him a couple times a day and he seems to be doing very well with it. We usually do not know whether it is his arthritis or his intestinal tract that causes the bad days when they happen. He gets A:1 in the AM and usually the custom after that. Sometimes we give him A:1 in the mid-day dose instead, but usually custom. We try to give him CBD 3X/day. I think the current custom formula has been working well and I am not sure that we need to change anything, although I welcome your advice as always. Thank you for everything, Charles.