Cannabinoid Therapy for Your Pet

The best pet parent is an informed parent so we’re here to help you stay on top of key developments in cannabinoid therapy for your pet.

As cannabinoid therapy for pets expands, there is more and more independent data confirming that cannabinoid therapy can be a game changer for your pet, especially for conditions like joint pain and stiffness.  

Does Available Science Match Pet Parent Experiences with Cannabinoid Therapy for their Pets?

A major clinical trial using the same molecules in Right:Ratio A:1 (CBD + THC + CBDA + CBG) found that this mixture offered significant pain relief and that canine participants were perceived to be more comfortable and active.  More recently, in a controlled double-blind clinical study, CBD was found to show significant promise for decreasing joint pain associated with canine OA (osteoarthritis).

These studies help confirm the significant body of anecdotal evidence from pet parents who have been using CBD with their pets, including our very own Super Pets pet parents. 

Stay tuned for the latest developments in this rapidly growing area of clinical studies.