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right:ratio CBD for Pets

C:1 | Cellular Support

C:1 | Cellular Support

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C:1 contains right:ratio's proprietary formula of over 650 mg of the cannabinoids CBD, CBDA, THC, and THCA, Magnesium, B-Complex and Chamomile (all 100% human grade) and four select all natural botanical terpenes in key potencies and ratios to support cellular health. 

C:1 was specifically designed for when your vet has told you that your pet has limited options due to a serious prognosis. While there may be conventional treatments that may help like radiation, chemo or surgery, C:1 is for pet parents who are seeking a natural alternative that is less invasive and better tolerated. If your pet is showing signs of weight loss, lack of appetite, weakness, unexplained vomiting, abnormal growths or swellings, seek the advice of your veterinarian and consider C:1 for long term cellular vitality and comfort.  

Coming soon…C:2, our strongest product yet to support cellular health and only for those pets who use C:1.

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