• Cannabis Dosing in Veterinary Medicine: Shifting the Paradigm from Traditional Thinking

    Unfortunately, there is a profound lack of formal veterinary education on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its clinical manipulation, despite its discovery more than 30 years ago. 

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  • Terpenes: Why They Matter

    In the natural world, our senses are constantly stimulated by the sights, sounds, colors, and aromas of the plant and animal species surrounding us.  All living things use their senses to interact and communicate with each other and the environment around them. 

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  • Veterinary Information & Resources

    Thank you for visiting our resource page for veterinarians. If you are unfamiliar with basic terms associated with medical cannabinoid use in canines and felines, please click here to read up on key definitions that will help when reviewing this article.

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  • The Veterinary Cannabis Society is committed to bringing together veterinarians, pet parents, and cannabis companies to ensure the appropriate and safe use of medicinal cannabis in pets.

  • Up-to-date, research-based information on applications for cannabis (hemp & marijuana) in animals. Our mission is to provide scientific, up-to-date, and practical veterinary medical input to the emerging cannabis research, medical, and legislative ecosystems.

  • The SCC supports the practice of evidence-based cannabinoid medicine. All articles in the collection have been vetted to ensure only rigorous, unbiased, and non-commercialized studies are included.